JavaScript Developer - Fully Remote (GMT 0 to GMT +3

Geektastic | Friday, September 11, 2020



There's two reasons to join our remote community.

1. Earn £25 per 30 minutes doing code reviews
2. Get Fast Tracked to great remote tech roles

At [Geektastic]( you can earn a great side gig reviewing code challenge submissions from any location.

By joining [Geektastic]( you can also show off your skills on our code challenge platform and go straight to final interview with some amazing companies in London and beyond. We are actively working an amazing Fintech start up at the moment looking for strong JS skills with either React or Angular.

We pay you via Transferwise at the end of the month (unless you are in the UK, in which case we bank via bank transfer).

Please read some comments made by our reviewers on [Quora]( here. To become part of the team you just need to register with us at [Geektastic](

Feel free to email if you have any questions

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