WebRTC Developer

Edify | Tuesday, June 23, 2020




About this job

Location options: Remote
Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Mid-Level
Role: System Administrator
Industry: Enterprise Software
Company size: 11–50 people


webrtc, networking, qos

Job description

We are looking for a WebRTC Developer to join an incredible team that is redefining the business communications space. Brilliant minds who can make our vision a reality and help us improve communications for millions of users belong with Edify! 


  • Design video and voice solution leveraging webRTC standards
  • Introduce best practice code for real-time video & audio communications
  • Design for scale and real-world scenarios of scale
  • Stay abreast of the latest webRTC standards and ensure the software is standards-compliant
  • Design and code applications that meet product goals and utilize an architecture that is both scalable and reliable
  • Maintain daily communication with the Product Manager to report progress, identify issues, and define the next steps
  • Set the strategic direction for the design, development, and deployment of Edify’s proprietary video & audio communications software
  • Optimize quality settings, networking settings, and other quality drivers
  • Work with systems admins, network admins and operations to define metrics and ensure we’re properly monitoring the quality we’re delivering
  • Become a thought leader in the area of real-time video & audio communications


  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Science or the equivalent in work experience and self-study
  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • Considerable experience building webRTC based applications, preferably across mobile, server, and browser
  • Demonstrated ability to architect large scale communications solutions
  • A demonstrated methodical and organized work ethic
  • The ability to work independently, meet deadlines, and achieve goals with limited oversight
  • WebRTC expertise of both client and server implementations
  • Deep knowledge of networking protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, SIP, etc.)
  • Knowledge of media protocols and codecs
  • Ability to read RFCs/standard specs, and implement algorithms according to specifications
  • Excellent team orientation and ability to function in a fast-paced environment

Bonus Qualifications

  • Knowledge of open-source media processing applications and libraries
  • Knowledge of highly scalable cloud software architecture
  • Knowledge of WebRTC libraries, codecs, protocols
  • Experience working with screen sharing codecs
  • Experience with QoS and providing high-quality audio and video solutions

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