Security Operations Engineer (m/f/d)

Parity Technologies | Friday, October 16, 2020




About this job

Location options: Remote
Job type: Full-time


cryptography, unix, linux, debugging

Job description

  • Design and implement secure cloud and on-premise infrastructure to validate on substrate based networks.
  • Work within systems that secure millions of dollars of cryptocurrency from motivated attackers.
  • Instrument high-signal alerts from production infrastructure events to provide early indicators of network attacks and compromises. Create playbooks of what to do in the case of such events. 
  • Model and evaluate risks of slashing for validator nodes from an operational perspective and prioritize security efforts based on these risk assessments. 
  • Monitor for unsafe and uncertain conditions and design fallback systems to support the stability of the network.
  • Work with infrastructure and core runtime engineers to design and implement hardened, layered systems.
  • Work with security engineers around securing digital assets in a production environment
  • Respond to security alerts and triage incident response management.
  • Work with core developer teams on security-critical projects, reviewing architecture designs and automating critical infrastructure tasks
  • Refine alerting rules to improve signal/noise ratio of operational health and security
  • Participate in an on-call rotation with colleagues in multiple time zones

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Skills & requirements


  • Solid foundation in Cryptography
  • Has designed, implemented and worked with both hot and cold key storage systems.
  • Deep knowledge of UNIX/Linux system internals such as system calls, TCP/IP and debugging tools.
  • Working understanding of cryptocurrency infrastructure and proof-of-stake
  • Experience with hardening the security of VPC and on-premise systems
  • Experience working with containers and container orchestration systems (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, ACS, GKE).
  • Experience engineering and operating 24/7 public-facing infrastructure.
  • Ability to debug complex systems running in uncertain environments.
  • Experience evaluating risk and implementing security detections and protections.
  • Experience instrumenting infrastructure with a variety of detections that provide high-signal, early indicators of intrusion and dangerous misconfiguration.
  • Experience with configuration management tools, such as Ansible, Terraform, and Vagrant
  • Thinks automation first

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with new and novel networking protocols, such as libp2p, dat, and quic.
  • Experience with C++/Rust/Go or other system languages.
  • Experience with Matrix servers
  • Experience operating blockchain nodes

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